Lori Guisewite


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Servicing both Florida and California!

With nearly 20 years of domestic and international real estate experience across both residential and commercial fields, Lori has the depth of experience to provide unparalleled service across the globe. Whatever your needs, Lori has connections to put you in the hands of the perfect fit.

As a bi-coastal Realtor with over 19 years of experience including 8 years functioning as a Corporate Global and Inventory Specialist, Lori has worked with diverse clientele including military generals, pioneering engineers of the aerospace industry, top executives, and internationally-based clientele with a focus on attorney-client engagement, representation and placement of short-sale and foreclosed property, large-sale commercial property, facilitation of commercial office-space needs including physician spacing, gas stations, and large-land conversion development.

• Residential Real Estate
• 1031’s
• Corporate and Global Relocation
• Corporate Inventoried properties
• Attorney client engagement
• Representation and placement of short-sale/foreclosed properties
• Probate
• Commercial sales and facilitating commercial office space needs, Physician office spacing, Gas Stations, and large land conversion development.

Lori’s career experience represents broad coverage with in-depth expertise across residential sales, waterfront land, corporate relocation, investment properties, 1031s, and commercial space and office needs, feasibility studies, and coastal-impact analyses.
With a superior database of Real Estate connections including realtors, lenders, appraisers, accountants, and attorneys, Lori can help connect you and your clients to the best in Real Estate globally.