Open Houses

Instructions on how to search open houses:

  • Use the Search Bar on the left side of the frame and put in the parameters of the property you are seeking (IE: 3 bedroom minimum, condo, etc) under the appropriate section.
  • Scroll down on Search Bar until you reach the Open House category.  Click the down arrow (or Open House Date text).  Fill in the appropriate search date desired (IE: in the next 5 days).
  • Remember Open Houses are most popular on the weekends, so be sure that the search date you put in includes the coming weekend(s).
  • On the right side search display, click the large number above “listings matched your search” to view all of the results.
  • The open house date and time will be listed in the 2nd column.
  • To learn more about a specific property, click on to the MLS number (the number next to the green Active text).
    • To view the open house date(s)/time(s) while in the details/report section, click the word “Open House” in the gray bar above the property photo.

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